Welcome to Progressive Pipeline

Progressive Pipeline provides complete construction services for the installation of gas and liquid pipeline systems. We maintain professional personnel and a "State of the Art" fleet of equipment to support our pipeline construction spreads in performance of projects exceeding 100 miles in length and pipe size ranging up to 30". Progressive possesses the capability to perform shorter distances of pipeline looping, relocations and replacements ranging in size up to 48" in diameter.

Our diverse experience reaches throughout the varying and challenging terrains of the East Coast, Gulf Coast, Rocky Mountains, Central and Mid-Western States of the USA.

Through the years of Progressive’s success and consistent growth servicing our customers, Progressive has also developed an expertise in marsh, swamp and shallow water pipeline and facility construction and maintenance.

Inclusive of our experience, knowledge and expertise, Progressive also provides a full range of capabilities in performance of pipeline integrity projects installing pig launchers and receivers, replacement of valves, anomaly digs, line upgrades and repairs; and the fabrication and installation of pump stations, metering and other pipeline facility related installation.

TEXAS - HDD water crossing of Nueces Bay

WEST VIRGINIA - Pipeline stringing, lowering in and welding operations

KENTUCKY - Pipeline access and pipe stringing

ALABAMA - Lowering in operations in North Alabama

FLORIDA - Metering station construction and pipeline upgrades in Miami

LOUISIANA - Board road approach for a wetland crossing

FLORIDA - Lowering in operations for pipe and associated fabrication

TEXAS - HDD water body crossing

OHIO - Pipeline anomaly investigation and repair

FLORIDA - Stringing pipeline for construction

TEXAS - Interstate HDD crossing

MISSISSIPPI - Bank stabilization for the protection of a multi-line ROW

MISSISSIPPI - Right of Way reseeding and restoration

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